Rulli Rulmeca S.P.A. Italy

Founded in 1962, the Rulmeca Group has grown to be a leading partner to the global materials handling industry.

Rulmeca Group is the world’s largest supplier of rollers/idlers, pulleys and motorized pulleys for heavy duty belt conveyors for quarries and mining applications and of rollers, drum motors, Drive Rollers 24V for the Intralogistics.
The 17 Production and sales companies all around the globe serve Rulmeca Group clients in more than 85 countries.

MATCO Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted distributor of Rulli Rulmeca SpA in Pakistan. MATCO offers a comprehensive range of Rulli Rulmeca products that can suit any application and industry. Whether you need rollers, idlers, pulleys, motorized drums for bulk handling, unit handling, or airport logistics, we can provide you with the best solutions from Rulli Rulmeca. We also have a team of expert and professional engineers who can support you with installation, maintenance, and after-sales service of Rulli Rulmeca products. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your conveyor needs.




Rulmeca designs and produces a wide and complete range of premium belt conveyor parts to build heavy-duty conveyors including:

  • Belt conveyor rollers, including steel and thermoplastic rollers and rollers with rubber rings for impact and return stations;
  • Belt conveyor idlers, that is sets of transoms and garlands for carrying, return and self-aligning stations to support both the loaded and unloaded sections of belt conveyors;
  • Drive and idler pulleys around which the belt wraps for either actioning or tensioning;
  • Accessories to increase the life expectancy of belt conveyors: cleaners, covers and impact bars.
  • Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys were first produced in 1953, specifically for use on conveyor belts, to launch one of the most reliable, effective and safe drive units than traditional ones throughout the world.

    Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys are highly efficient hermetically sealed geared motor drives: all components (motor, gearbox and bearings) are totally enclosed and sealed inside a steel cylindrical shell. This special design results in compact and space saving, extremely safe, silent, low maintenance and versatile drive components for conveyors which are quick and simple to install, require virtually no maintenance and are suitable for plenty of applications. Indeed, Rulmeca catalogue of motorized pulleys counts different models and sizes designed for light, medium and heavy-duty conveyors to be installed in typically aggressive bulk applications. Thanks to their totally sealed enclosure, Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys are likely to be unaffected by harmful substances and aggressive environmental conditions like dust, water, oil, grease, chemicals, detergents, high-pressure cleaning operations, extreme temperatures and so on.

    As further proof of their high quality, Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys are supplied with a degree of protection IP66/67, they are also in compliance with the Safety norm ANSI 535.4 and ISO 3864-2. Moreover, they are manufactured according to the Council Directives of the European Communities, particularly according to Directive 2006/95/EC relating to electrical equipment and according to Directive 2004/108/EC relating to electrical magnetic compatibility.

Of course, the adaptability of Rulmeca belt conveyor parts is due to and supported by premium quality lying in highly selected materials and a certified engineered design. Indeed, they comply with the highest standard of quality and safety of most bulk handling applications. For example, the Rulmeca production program for stations complies with DIN 22107 standards. On request, different dimensions can also be supplied according to CEMA, BIS, JIS, AFNOR and ISO-FEM standards. ULK HAN




Rulmeca new product range for unit handling has been extensively renewed, allowing the Group to move ahead. The range of components for unit handling, all made by Rulmeca, comprises different rollers and components to make:
     1. Gravity conveyors
     2. Chain driven conveyors, with accumulation or with zero accumulation
     3. Belt driven conveyors, with accumulation or with zero accumulation
     4. Gravity curves, chain driven curves, belt driven curves
These rollers are all products of high quality and reliability for unit handling in all fields of applications.

Rollers for Gravity Conveyors
For idle roller conveyors, we mean a series of rollers supported by a carrying structure, designed to handle packages using thrust or gravity. The Rulmeca rollers, in steel or Polymers, allow to handle units with loads ranging from a few grams to tonnes.

Tube Executions on Request
Tube executions are additional executions on the steel tubes of rollers for both gravity and driven conveyors:
   1 .  “E” and “F” execution: grooved rollers for round belts transmission
   2. “P” execution: PVC covered rollers
   3. “W” and “H” executions: rollers with guide flanges
   4. Aluminum flanges
   5. Sleeves to increase friction
   6. “R” design: rollers with rubber lagging
   7. “PU” design”: rollers with Polyurethane lagging
   8. “T” design: Rilsan coated rollers.

Components for Gravity Conveyors
Components used for drive or gravity unit handling are suited to many types of applications.

Rollers for Chain Driven Conveyors
For chain driven roller conveyor systems we mean a series of rollers supported by a structure, suitable for unit handling, driven by a chain.
The chain driven roller conveyor systems are used for the controlled handling of a great variety of loads, with regular or irregular shapes, with heavy or light unit weights, rugged or fragile, either horizontally or with a light slope. They are used to synchronize automatic transport systems, as slave systems for assembly stations and operating machines, with continuous, step-by-step or accumulating advancing, and for all those applications where idle roller gravity conveying systems are not recommended. 

Rollers for Curves
Curves can be with tapered rollers or cylindrical.
The drive is transmitted with chain loops and the gear motor is typically in a central position.
The driven tapered rollers permit the design of flat curves with reduced dimensions, guaranteeing regular load movement. For the straight section, it is recommended to maintain the same “EL” width of the curves, compatible with the standard length of taper rollers.
The tapered rollers with belt transmission are introduced in the section “Rollers for belt driven conveyors”.

Rollers for Belt Driven Conveyors
For belt driven roller conveyor systems we mean a series of rollers supported by a structure, suitable for unit handling loads which are driven by a belt.
The belt driven roller conveyor systems are suitable for handling a great variety of heavy and light loads of regular or irregular shape.
The system feature is particularly silent running, also at high speeds.
The drive is transmitted with flat-section belt or with belt rings with different sections. In the latter case, they can be fit to friction rollers to carry out conveyors with load accumulation.